Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Prevent The Spread Of Coronavirus

We have developed a unique disinfection system to help aid in preventing the spread of Covid-19, that will provide ZERO disruption to your company. Unlike anyone else we have the capacity to cover in excess of 1 million sqft in a day; meaning we can treat most buildings in 24 hours

Electrostatic Spray System

Unlike traditional disinfecting by hand, the electrostatic system provides us with a far more thorough cleaning solution. The process provides an even disinfection coverage that is essential in the removal of viruses & bacteria. Something hand application simply can't achieve.

Our electrostatic battery powered sprayers provide a positive charge to the disinfectant; this mean on application the chemical wraps itself around the target. Its this technology that allows us to disinfect in hard to reach places with ease.

Productivity is said to be over 6x better than traditional disinfecting. Making our system cost effective when tackling large scale disinfection.


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We provide 2 key services

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Pest Control & Bird Control

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