Green Cleaning is simply defined as “cleaning to protect health without harming the environment.” More broadly and practically speaking, it means using cleaning tools, chemicals, equipment, and other products that have a reduced negative impact on the environment, the user, and building occupants.

We should also be aware that green cleaning now involves more than just using products that are more protective of the environment. It also means using products that help promote sustainability. This can be from the way the product is made—using natural and renewable resources—to the way it is packaged—using recycled materials and larger containers to reduce the amount of paper and plastic necessary for packaging—as well as the fuel used for transportation

Product Innovation

The cleaning industry is recognising that innovation is central to driving sustainability and product developments across the board and is allowing access to a greater number of eco-friendly products than ever before.

Take cleaning cloths as an example; improvements in this area are helping cleaning professionals better engage with the green agenda, allowing smaller amounts of chemicals and water to be used to achieve a similar standard of cleaning.

However, with so many products on offer, cutting through the ‘eco jargon’ and finding the right one can sometimes be a challenge. Environmental labelling can often be surprisingly cryptic, and it is worth businesses opting for suppliers who are able to provide clear explanations for these, in order to make a truly informed choice.

While in previous years the majority of businesses relied solely on ready-to-use chemicals, ‘chemical less cleaning’ now offers many organisations the opportunity to take green cleaning to a new level as well as providing cost-saving opportunities.


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