Chemical Free Cleaning - Toucan Eco

Chemical Free Cleaning - Toucan Eco

One of the key products that we offer (subject to survey) is the Toucan Eco™ II chemical free cleaning system. This innovative, highly compact unit is way ahead of its time and stands head and shoulders above its competitors, taking environmental commercial cleaning to a new level.

With no toxins or fumes created, using the Toucan Eco™ II in the workplace is proven to reduce risks to staff well-being.

The Toucan Eco™ II contains a special cell in the spray and jug which uses electrochemical activation (ECA) to convert the salt and tap water into an activated solution of mixed oxidants with disinfectant and detergent properties. The disinfectant is tested to EN 1276 and conforms to the European Biocides directive.
The Toucan Eco™ uses electrolysis of water with a little salt to produce a liquid with a very high level of activity. However, at this high level of activity, the liquid includes only a minimal amount of chlorine. That is why it is so much less burdensome to the environment. 

In 3 minutes you turn 1.2 litres of tap water and 3 grams of salt into 1.2 litres of disinfectant. You can use the disinfectant immediately, without any further additions. In 1 hour, 18 litres of Toucan Eco™ disinfectant can be produced. With 1 litre of Toucan Eco™ disinfectant, you can disinfect an area of 750 to 1500 m2.

Chemical Free Cleaning - Toucan Eco

The Toucan Eco™ enables on-site production of the required amount of disinfectant. The liquid retains its disinfectant properties for 4-7 days. It is recommended to simply produce the quantity that is necessary. Under special conditions, one could extend the effective property to a period of 6 months. 
The Stabilised solution is attracted to dirt and grime and cleans immediately, wiping out pathogens and contaminants through oxidization with little contact time. Toucan Eco™ disinfectant is proven to kill MRSA, H1N1, E.Coli and Staph up to 99.99% of the time, significantly reducing the risk of infection. The natural solution also sanitises surfaces virtually instantly, is stronger than bleach and more powerful than chlorine but just like water, you could spill it or get it on your skin with no side effects whatsoever.
The Toucan Eco™ disinfectant has no adverse effect on the environment at all. It is a natural product without any harmful influence. Any liquid that has not been used, can simply be drained in the sink or flushed through the toilet. The fluid is also not harmful to hands or clothing.

Since there is no disinfectant that needs to be produced, packaged, transported, and also does not have to be removed, the Toucan Eco™ causes a lot less CO2 emissions compared to a traditional disinfectant.
Toucan Eco™ disinfectant is effective against all known bacteria, spores and viruses. In a test with 0.6 litres of water with a pH of 6-8 and a hardness less than 200 ppm, and 2 grams of sodium chloride (table salt), resulted in a high-quality disinfectant-equivalent with a concentration of at least 20 to 60 ppm freely available chloride. 20 ppm is sufficient to kill bacteria.

Key bullet points to why we actively promote this product are as follows:

   There is absolutely no down-stream pollution and it’s 100% safe for the environment.

  •    Reduces water usage
  •    Eliminates the need for 95% of chemicals to clean your offices
  •    Eliminates the need for disposal of chemicals
  •    Cuts down on chemical and COSHH training
  •    Cuts down the storage space required at client premises
  •    Sends zero waste to landfill
  •    Improves Health & Safety
  •    Is highly energy efficient
  •    It is also recognised by ISO14001. The outcome is tried, tested and proven.



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